Schneider MSEC


The renovation of this building for the Mutualised Execution Centre was designed to be “A Great Place To Work” in line with the Schneider Electric Corporate Guidelines. Modern reception counter using stone and timber, with light box backdrop for signage. Lighting is was key with light wells and light boxes to create interest.

Coffee Area & Break Away Areas

80% of all ideas originate during interaction between people. Creating areas allowing teams to come together to interact beyond just business through events. “Socialize” areas promote work interactions that create common bonds & values, collective identity & productive relationships.


Colour, materials and light is used as tools to create healthy, uplifting environments. These spaces enhance people’s lives in the places they gather. The result is an efficient, collaborative and dynamic environment that promotes wellness and employee satisfaction.


New staircase comprising of open timber treads and steel railings to reveal the activity below in the Lounge Cafeteria. Impromptu meeting places that support a COOL SITE are positioned close to the staircase, creating an Activated Staircase.

Formal & Casual Meeting Rooms

The challenge when designing offices is to create a balance between the places that focus on communication and those that focus on concentration. Technology drives workplace flexibility, key in these areas allowing for anywhere, anytime work.

Open Plan Desking

The furniture design to the open plan area allows for each user to have a desk & pedestal and consists mostly of benching style work settings. To create interest & solidify company values, a graffiti artist was used to illustrate company vision and values throughout the open plan.