Beverages SA


To revitalize an outdated workplace CCBSA engaged Interiors for Change to re-stack, and redesign two floors of its corporate headquarters. The result is an efficient, collabora- tive and dynamic environment that promotes wellness and employee satisfaction.


An interconnecting staircase joins the two floors, providing flow among staff. The well recognized Coca-Cola red was used for the treads and balustrade to create a statement piece. African mural art to the landings was painted by a local graffiti artist.

Formal & Casual Meeting Rooms

Each floor comprised of work neighborhoods formal & informal meeting areas, collaboration spaces and Cafe areas.


Each of the four cafe areas was designed with a different look and feel that was based on the 2009 Coca-Cola Campaign “Open Happiness” These areas were positioned centrally to each wing to improve employee collaboration and interaction.


The open office floor plan breaks down barriers and enhances communication. Every employee has a Locker unit for limited storage and personal affects. Collaboration areas, break away spaces and Focus rooms are scattered across the floor plate creating more interesting pockets of work areas.